Lotus 365 vs. 10Cric

Are you looking for a betting platform? Does the chosen platform offer all of your favorite sports in India? Then you will get more options to choose from. 

The two most trusted two online betting platforms are Lotus 365 and 10Cric. Both sites offer a diverse selection of sports and betting possibilities. 

You can have a smooth betting experience with their user-friendly UI and competitive odds. Confused to choose one between these two? If so, get to know the detailed comparison between the Lotus 365 platform and 10Cric. 

Betting options

Lotus 365 

Lotus offers a diverse range of sports. This ensures that every sports lover has something to bet on. Lotus 365 supports a wide choice of games. It includes mainstream sports like football, basketball, and tennis. Users can also place bets on unusual possibilities like eSports and darts. Go to the Lotus 365 platform and explore the wide range of betting options. 


10Cric also offers a good variety of sports betting options. This platform especially offers many types of cricket betting. However, it falls short in offering a wider range of other sports betting when compared to Lotus 365. The focus is more niche. It might not appeal to bettors looking for a more diverse range of betting opportunities.

Competitive Odds

Lotus 365 

The odds offered by Lotus 365 are competitive. This often provides better value than many other betting platforms. The platform offers a wide array of betting markets. This gives bettors numerous options to choose from. This flexibility allows users to find and place bets that align closely with their strategies.


10Cric also offers competitive odds. It offers excellent competitive odds for cricket betting. However, when it comes to the variety of betting markets, it does not match the breadth offered by Lotus 365. Bettors who prefer a wide selection of markets might find Lotus 365 more appealing.

Promotions and Bonuses

Lotus 365

Lotus 365 betting platform excels in offering generous promotions and bonuses. You will get excellent welcome bonuses. Are you an existing user looking for the best betting platform? If so, the Lotus 365 platform is the right option. It is because this platform offers many regular promotions and loyalty rewards. These bonuses at lotus 365 platform are designed to enhance the betting experience. These bonuses provide extra value to users.


10Cric offers good promotional deals, particularly for cricket enthusiasts. These bonuses are attractive. They are not as frequent or varied as those offered by Lotus 365. Lotus 365 provides a more appealing package for bettors looking to maximize their bonuses.

Realistic Graphics and Intuitive Controls

Lotus 365

Lotus 365 boasts realistic graphics and intuitive controls. This ensures that every boundary and wicket feels like the real deal. Are you a new one to the betting world? Or else have years of experience in placing bets? Lotus 365’s commitment to authenticity creates a truly immersive experience for players. This level of visual fidelity interface sets Lotus betting platform apart from 10Cric. This provides a more polished and enjoyable gaming experience.


10Cric offers decent graphics and controls. However, they do not match the intuitive design of Lotus 365. The gameplay experience on 10Cric lacks the immersive quality that makes Lotus 365 stand out. Lotus 365 is the better choice for bettors who value a realistic and engaging gaming experience. 

Community and Social Features

Lotus 365

Building a sense of community among users is important. Lotus 365 offers various social features. This platform offers live chat rooms, forums, and social media integration. These features allow users to share insights, tips, and experiences. It enhances the overall betting experience.


10Cric has some community features. But they are not as extensive as those offered by Lotus 365. The lack of robust social integration might make the platform less engaging for users who enjoy interacting with fellow bettors.

Mobile Experience

Lotus 365

The mobile experience is crucial in today’s world. Lotus 365 excels in this area. At Lotus app, you can use all features which is available in the website. This dedicated app offers all the features available on the desktop site. The mobile interface is easy to use. This makes it convenient for bettors to place bets on the go.


10Cric also offers a mobile app. But it is not as polished as the Lotus 365 app. While functional, it can sometimes be less responsive, and the user experience is not as seamless. Lotus 365 takes the lead for a superior mobile betting experience.

Final Verdict 

Lotus 365 is a superior platform to 10Cric. Even though 10Cric has many features, it lacks some of the most important ones. So, consider choosing the Lotus 365 betting platform when compared to 10Cric. Lotus betting app offers a truly unparalleled online cricket experience with its excellent features. Still, what makes you wait? Start downloading the Lotus365 platform and enjoy placing bets. 

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