How to Contact Customer Support at Lotus 365?

There has been surge in playing online games and is attributed to emergence of many betting platform. Among them Lotus365 has dominated the scene as an early entrant to online gaming venture.

It is considered as one of the most popular websites that offers gaming to people of all kinds of interests in online gambling and betting. In fact, you can enjoy these games in lotus betting app. As one of the leading websites for online games and betting, the platform has severed nearly one crore users, and it functions under domain name The platform also has excellent customer service. If you have to contact the customer service of Lotus 365 regarding any doubts or issues you can follow the below given details:

Lotus 365 Customer Service

Here are the ways you can contact Lotus 365 customer service:

  • Live Chat: If you want to have a live chat with customer service professional, visit the Lotus 365 website. You can find the live chat option at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Email: To talk with customer support of the Lotus 365 platform you can also use email. Go the official website and find the customer care email address given in the site and send your queries. The Lotus 365 customer support team will get in touch with you regarding your query. 
  • Phone Support: You can also use the customer support of Lotus 365 using your phone. Check the website to get the phone number of the customer service. You can then directly talk to the customer service using the phone number.
  • FAQ: In some cases, you can get answers to the questions you may have on the FAQs given on the site. To get those answers, you can visit the lotus 365 website.

Due to its pioneering nature and multi-service offerings, Lotus 365 betting became the site that consumers preferred. It offered a variety of online casinos for gambling in addition to games. If you want any queries solved, you can contact customer care immediately. The Lotus365 customer care team is committed to helping you and resolving any problems you may run into, whether you choose live chat, email, or phone support.

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