Cricket Betting: Understanding the Different Types of Bets

Are you a new one in Cricket betting? Then it can be overwhelming. There are many cricket betting options available. 

Understanding where to start can be daunting. Do you know the difference between match bets and series bets? Have you heard of proposition bets or over/under bets? 

Looking to deepen your understanding of cricket betting? Then stay here to know complete details about the different cricket betting types. 

Match Outcome Bets

  • Match Winner

The most straightforward bet is predicting the winner of the match. This bet is available for all cricket formats. It requires you to choose which team will emerge victorious. Predicting winner at T20 match? Or else predicting the winner at the five-day Test? Picking the winning team is the most common of cricket betting. Looking for the perfect platform to place cricket betting on matchwinner? Choose Lotus 365 as your first preference. 

  • Draw No Bet

These bets are common at test matches. This bet offers a bit of insurance. At this bet, your money will be returned if the match is drawn. This gives it a safer option than the straight match winning bet. This bet minimizes your chances of losing money.

  • Double Chance

Double Chance allows you to cover two possible outcomes. You can bet on either team to win or the match to end in a draw. This provides a higher chance of winning but at lower odds. It is a great way to hedge your bets.

Series Outcome Bets

  • Series Winner

This bet is placed on the overall winner of a series. It typically consists of multiple matches. It is popular in the Test and ODI series. Here teams play multiple games against each other. Predicting the series winner requires a broader understanding of the performance of the team.

  • Correct Series Score

Predicting the exact scoreline of a series can yield high rewards. This is due to the difficulty of accurately forecasting multiple match outcomes. This bet is challenging but rewarding for those with deep insights into team performance and series dynamics.

Player Performance Bets

  • Top Batsman

Bettors can bet on which player will score the most runs. Or else it will take the most wickets in a match. This bet requires knowledge of player conditions. You might back them to be the top scorer in a series played in the subcontinent if a particular batsman thrives on spin friendly pitches.

  • Man of the Match

This bet involves predicting the player who will be named the best performer in a match or series. It often offers attractive odds due to the competitive nature of the award. Choosing the right player for this bet involves understanding who has been performing consistently well and can make a significant impact.

  • Player to Score a Century

Predicting whether a specific player will score a certain number of runs in a match can be an exciting bet. This type of bet is great for those who closely follow individual player stats and performance trends.

Innings and Session Bets

  • Total Runs in an Innings

Bettors can bet on the total number of runs a team will score in a single innings. This can be an over or under bet. Understanding the pitch conditions is crucial for making informed bets in this category.

  • First Innings Lead

This bet involves predicting which team will have the highest score after both teams have completed their first innings. This bet requires a deep understanding of the batting. It is essential to know the bowling strengths. 

  • Session Runs

Cricket matches are divided into sessions. Bettors can predict the number of runs scored in a particular session. Lotus 365 betting platform adds another layer of excitement to the betting experience. This bet is ideal for those who can analyze and predict short-term trends in the game.

Special Bets

  • Method of Dismissal

This bet involves predicting how a specific batsman will get out. It is a niche market. Loves to enjoy the intricacies of the cricket game? Then place your bet on the method of dismissal betting at the Lotus betting app. The styles of bowlers and the weaknesses of batsmen can give you an edge in this market.

  • Total Sixes/Fours

Bettors can bet on the total number of sixes or fours hit in a match by either team. This is particularly popular in T20 matches where boundaries are frequent. Understanding the batsmen’s aggressive playstyles can help you make better predictions. It is also essential to know the ground dimensions for making better decisions. 

  • First Ball/First Over

Predicting the outcome of the very first ball or over of a match can be thrilling. Options include runs scored, a boundary, a wicket, or even a no-ball or wide. This bet adds immediate excitement and is perfect for those who enjoy the instant gratification of quick results.

Capping Words

You can enter cricket betting more confidently by understanding these cricket bets. Each type of bet offers its unique rewards. It caters to different levels of knowledge in the game. Looking for the perfect platform to place your cricket betting? Lotus 365 betting platform will be your go to option. 

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